Tire Shreds

I finally hit one. Those stupid shreds of tire that are littered all over the highway. I hit one, it scared the piss out of me, and woke up my friend.

You know what I’m talking about? When the weight of semi trucks are too great for the tires to hold, the tire just falls off and leaves a huge piece of rubber in the road just waiting to be hit by a trailing car. When did this become acceptable? I can imagine the meeting between the powers that be when addressing the situation.

“You know, we have a lot of tires on our trucks that wear away and fall off while driving.”

“Whats the problem? They’ve got 17 more.”

“Good point. Although, the shreds do just get left in the middle of highways where cars are going about 70 miles per hour. Think they could cause any wrecks?”

“Wrecks? from a large shred of rubber? Nah…people can just get out of he way, and if they hit one…it’s just rubber anyway, right? What kind of damage could it possibly do?”

“True. Good meeting. Lets go drink beer.”

You’d think that just maybe our technologically advanced society could make tires that don’t just fall off while driving. I bet you don’t see any tire shreds in Japan. They are far more advanced than us. I bet there hasn’t been any tire shreds on Japanese roads since they started driving semi trucks…and if there ever were, they fixed the problem.

Luckily, the worst that happened when I hit the tire shred was a near pant pissing. If there would have been any more long lasting damage, there would be a lot longer blog entry about it. Instead, I’m going to take the attitude of the meeting I just outlined and say, hopefully the problem will just fix itself. That’s a good lesson for life, kids. When faced with a problem, just goto sleep, and maybe it won’t be there when you wake up.

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