Bunny Ears? Really?

Isn’t it time bunny ears went out of style? When was this ever funny to put two fingers up behind your friend’s head when a picture is about to be taken? It’s been around as long as I can remember, and I’ve never liked it, condoned it, or participated in it. Let’s look at reason why it’s time to put the most widely used prank ever to rest.

For starters, two fingers don’t look like bunny ears. They look like two fingers. Show me a person that has ever mistaken a the peace sign for bunny ears and I’ll show you someone who probably smokes enough weed they wear peace signs on their clothing.

The perpetrator isn’t “getting” anyone. Maybe the first person to ever do it can claim some creativity and add a little notch to his prankster belt, but it should really stop there. I’ve never looked at a picture and thought, “Oh man! That guy really got her good! She doesn’t even know he’s giving her bunny ears!”

Lastly and most importantly, it’s genuinely not funny. There might be some exceptions. Let’s say President Obama did it to George W. Bush or maybe a member of Al-Qaeda did it to Osama Bin Laden. I could see some humor in that. It might also be funny if your 5 year old did it to the Easter Bunny in a photoshoot. That, I would admire. But it’s not funny when the Cartman of your group ruins all your pictures.

And it’s not just teenagers and college drunks that are guilty. Adults everywhere and of all ages have been known to throw up the stereotypical two fingers and bellow in laughter afterwards. The madness has got to stop. Bunny ears started getting really popular in the 1950′s and have been around ever since. That’s a really long fad. I’m begging you. Do your part. Make bunny ears a really embarrassing meme of the past.

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